The Sarin Attack on Idlib Province

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From the Humanitarian perspective, the sooner the world takes action the better. From the political perspective, we quote from the Financial Times, published on 6 April 2017

“Mr Assad is the principal source of instability in Syria. His crimes give succour to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Moscow still holds some cards and Vladimir Putin must use them now. It is one thing to rescue the Assad regime. It would be quite another to stand by as its emboldened surrogate gases Syrians, explicitly flouting an agreement to which Russia is the guarantor.”



Why was Idlib chosen for the attack?

Some 900,000 IDPs (internally displaced persons) are sheltering in Idlib Province, from the fighting in Aleppo and elsewhere.

It suits the regime to empty out rebel areas – areas that do not support the government.

Where will the IDPs go, who are once again terrified of living where they are?

The IDPs and local people, from Idlib, may try to cross into Turkey. There are several crossing points nearby.



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