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Despite the turmoil we are all in life will go on, for most of us. This Edition of our Newsletter has involved a lot of whats apps, with inputs from all three of our Turkish volunteers.

They talk about the lock down, and now the curfew, plus reference to the daily fatalities. We haven’t dwelt on these, but have an official figure for 10 April, which was 1,006. This may not seem too bad as the population of Turkey was 82 million in 2019. However, this is the official figure and the population we work with may not have sufficient resistance – and only limited soap and water.

Turkey is neither one of the world’s richest countries nor one of the least developed countries. It is hosting over 4 million refugees (in total) and the Health Services are fully stretched. In many cases Private Hospitals are filling the gaps, this was before the virus. The Newsletter mentions the suffering and anxiety faced by the families we work with. Almost all of them have escaped from Syria, are adjusting to a new language and culture, and many are desperately poor. They will not feature in Expo 2021 and have very uncertain roles – with even less work available, than before Covid-19.

We have a gifted Physiotherapist who is trusted and respected. Our aim is to open a Sports Centre Our rough estimate is £12,500 or 104, 288 Turkish Lira.