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If you are a teacher or know about Schools of Sanctuary, you may already know about the work of Education 4 Diversity. This is how they introduce themselves:

” When Alex and Jonathan met in 2014 despite very different life experiences, they immediately discovered shared values and aims in life. They worked together to set up an education service for the UK’s biggest charity serving migrants and established a schools and university programme based on accurate information and the shared human and humanising values of caring, compassion, justice, hope and respect.” Alex Ntung was born into a family of cattle herders, semi-nomadic, pastoralist people in South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Growing up, he survived extreme poverty and violence on a terrifying scale (11 family members were killed). Life experience inspired Alex to work in education, careers guidance, inclusion, community cohesion and international development including work to limit the arms trade. He has been guest speaker at many universities, schools, and international policy organisations, including the UN, offering honest insights into issues of migration, community cohesion, war and security, cultural insensitivity and conflict resolution. Jonathan Barnes is his partner in the company, which offers training in diversity. Jonathan has written several widely-used books on cross-curricular approaches, but the values within which the school curriculum and ethos is conceived is his overriding concern. Inclusive values and a concern for improved social and psychological well-being have framed his research studies. Jonathan was elected a University Teaching Fellow in 2014 and chosen by the UK’s Higher Education Academy as a National Teaching Fellow in 2015. He is now Visiting Senior Research Fellow of Canterbury Christ Church University.

Education4Diversity can make a great contribution to the work of A Village in Syria, not least because of our Cross-Cultural work with Syrian NGOs in Turkey. We are already planning some shared projects.

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