What We Do

A Village in Syria (AVIS) has been dedicated to supporting one particular village in North East Syria. We have assisted with food production, health, education and creating work opportunities. Part of our aim has been to build a small-scale model of sustainability and keep rural communities in the public eye. Since November 2013 we have sent money for the villagers to buy food, vegetable seeds, seed wheat, a polytunnel, for a sewing project, a bee-keeping project and a community centre building project. The money was sent to Turkey, where they goods were bought and taken into Syria.

A Village in Syria is a development organisation which at times has directly benefitted over 8,500 people, including more than 2,500 children, adults and seniors towards welfare projects in education, health and hygiene, livelihood, women empowerment and agriculture in a remote village. The villagers have been the primary target group for the organisation’s activities for development, though our aid has also greatly benefitted the IDP’s (Internally Displaced Person’s) that have sought sanctuary in the village. We believe that process of development, sustainable change is only possible with the involvement of the society.

Realising the need for development in this region, we have successfully assisted in building various basic amenities for sanitation, education and agriculture focussing on larger community development.
Our organisation has made many efforts to be in contact with the villagers. We have been listening to stories of happiness and tragedy. The villagers contact the organisation by phone and our translators help us understand their need. We aim to provide constant updates for the members and donors of the organisation, though this can sometimes be a challenge because of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

By April 2017 more than 5 million Syrians had fled to other countries


The work of our organisation has impacted the region of focus and helped boost morale. Almost 100% of the money we raised goes to the village. To date, we have sent £15,500 to the village for various development projects and aid. The direct result of the engagement can be seen in the increase in welfare amenities, agricultural produce and education. We have successfully implemented strategies in creating work for both men and women in the village and the significant ability of these people to contribute to the income of the family. Despite the increased efforts, there is still unrealised potential in the village to create a more economically strong sustainable community. AVIS’s efforts have brought together motivation and capacity towards breaking the cycle of conflict and economic stress among the people and build a better life for the future.

The Car Driver

Delivering supplies to the remote and conflict ridden region was the first obstacle faced by the organisation. Under many national restrictions and laws, this proved to be a big problem. AVIS was contacted by a Turkish cab driver, whose parents belong to the village. He volunteered to transport supplies to the village and he has been a vital member of the organisation ever since. His support and help has been invaluable to the organisation and the village. He has, on several occasions, supplied the village with funds and food at times of shortage and has also been a key link between the organisation and the village. 

Our Mission and Values

Alleviate Poverty

Wherever possible, to “Alleviate Poverty”

Raise Awareness

To increase awareness of the cultural context of Syrian villages (UK/elsewhere)

Development Projects

To respond to requests from the village, and develop projects, in Syria

Given a Sense of Purpose

Give a sense of purpose and achievement to those living in the crisis, and provide them with the means to help themselves.

Provide a better life

To encourage people in the village to stay in Syria, and not attempt a crossing to Europe.

Support the Community

To support the locals living in the village and the recent Internally Displaced People that are currently staying in the village for refuge.