Donors, Sponsors & Money Sent

Our most sincere thanks to donors, sponsors, mentors, partners and everyone who helps keeps the village alive.

Where does the money go?

£15,500 in total has been sent so far for the village, between 2013 and 2016. The money was sent to Turkey, for goods to be bought and taken to the village. It has never been possible to send money directly to Syria.

Five transfers for Syria were made during the financial year of Nov 1st 2015 to Oct 31st 2016 totalling £2,780. All of the transfer fees from Britain were paid by a donor. More transfers would have been made, but our contact was unavailable to send money to for part of that year. Sending money for Syria has become extremely difficult!

We had expenses of £598.76 during that financial year. £235.60 was for Charity Checkout, £233.30 for exhibition expenses, £69.02 for website hosting and £60.48 for minor expenses.
There was £223 in the account at the beginning of that financial year. The assets at the financial year end were £4,954.68, of which £2,495 was restricted for particular projects in the village.

Breakdown of Money Sent

Project NameAmount Sent to Village
Emergency Relief – Winter 2013 £1,531.00
School Tent £1,440.00 (£640.00 from Lush)
First Polytunnel £1,330.00 (£1,100.00 from Lush)
Two water pumps £2,110.00
Doctor and Food £570.00 (£370.00 from Lush)
Emergency Relief – Winter 2014 £1,362.00
Spring Planting (Newroz) £1,278.00
Second Polytunnel £860.00 (from Lush)
Emergency Relief – Winter 2015 £405.00
Winter 2015 Planting £960 (£538.00 from Lush)
Community Centre £1,000
Sewing Project £284
Planting – Spring 2016 £1,330

Situation as at March 31st 2017

Another £6,412 has been donated since Oct 31st 2016, but we have been unable to send anything to the village. Expenses for that period were £497, which included exhibition expenses, website hosting, Charity Checkout plus transport to London for a Charity Commission workshop and a meeting with Firefly. Of the total donated another £665 is restricted.

Rather than have money sitting in the bank while Syrians are suffering so much, the Trustees decided to look for another project, working with displaced Syrians outside Syria, and in need of help. After much searching we found Firefly international, a charity small enough to really appreciate a grant from us. We have therefore arranged to grant them £5,000 for a project working with disadvantaged Syrian teenage girls in Turkey. If that goes well we may support them with a further project.