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Naturally, we are very concerned about Idlib, as the situation – although improved – is still unstable. We are in touch with various Syrian NGOs working from Turkey and working from the UK, in addition to working closely with Firefly International. We hope to have more updates soon. This is just to reassure you that we work with other organisations, on a regular basis.

Here is one source of information we have found reliable  https://www.irinnews.org/news/2018/09/21/another-syria-aid-operation-hold-rebel-stronghold-idlib

We do our best to ‘triangulate’ information (use more than one source) and continue to liaise with UN agencies working from Turkey. Our daily facebook posts contain additional information from a variety of news channels, including Al Jazeera, French, Israeli, Turkey, Russia, UK and US. Sadly war is the flip side of peace – we follow both.