The Narlica Physiotherapy Centre

The Narlica Physiotherapy Centre, in Antakya, Turkey has been in operation since the first week in September. Children, young adults and older people have used the services throughout September, October and November. Several of the children are treated without charge, all from poor families and some living at a distance from the centre. Most of the children are Syrian, some are Turkish.

The Physio Centre

The Physio Centre is now entering a second stage. It has taken a second apartment, near the first one, which will focus on treating men, the first centre will focus on women and children. The expansion will allow morning and evening sessions to groups, which will improve cash flow. There is a good chance of the team picking up further contracts in the New Year.

Thank you to our donors!

Who are we?

We are a registered charity concerned with the welfare of people living under severe conditions in areas of international humanitarian concern. We believe that while the provision of goods and services to people living in such circumstances is not always possible, showing compassion, providing emotional and moral support, and raising awareness about their situation is crucial. Our remit is very broad ‘to alleviate poverty’ within the Syrian community (in Syria and Turkey).

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