The Narlica Five-in-One Centre in Antakya, Turkey

The Narlica Physiotherapy Centre, in Antakya, Turkey has been in operation since the first week in September, offering Physiotherapy, a Hair and Beauty Centre, A  Library/Teaching Room, a Mini-Market and a Café. 

It is a hybrid project, blending some free services for physiotherapy with training for livelihoods and work experience. Beneficiaries are mainly from the local area but also from other cities, which will  build a strong relationship with other organisations, and benefit beneficiaries. Especially patients with complex needs.

Children, young adults and older people have used the services throughout September, October and November. Several of the children are treated without charge, all from poor families and some living at a distance from the centre. Most of the children are Syrian, some are Turkish.


The Story of Mahmoud

Mahmoud had a fall and was bed-ridden. He was determined to regain his strength and mobility. Abu Shams, our Lead Physiotherapist, was introduced to the family.

Mahmoud has learnt how to do specific exercises, strength training, self-confidence building; using a wheelchair, thanks to the physio team, Abu Shams and Hani (pictured right).

Library & Teaching Room


Seventy families are already interested in the project, the figure is rising day by day. The idea is to provide basic foods at basic prices, for the poorest families in the district. Initially, the food was promised on a sale-or-return basis (as I understand it) but the merchant now wants money up front – which doesn’t seem unreasonable.
A skilled person to manage and serve the shop: it will not be easy when people ask for credit, but Hani has experience of working in a shop. His parents had a shop in Mosul. Hani has been with the project for several months and has turned his hand to many things, including decorating and renovation, handling cash and physiotherapy.


Work began immediately: installing a kitchen with a gas cooker, fridge, freezer and work top. Basic saucepans and utensils were also purchased.

They have already opened for business and are taking between 150 and 300 Turkish Lira a day (£15 to £30). People ring in with orders. Their dishes are then prepared and the customer collects (and takes the food home) Ideally, they will take on a Cook and Assistant Cook. At the moment the Physio Team are staffing the kitchen. The ingredients are fresh / from the fridge. It takes an estimated two hours to prepare a meal. It’s not ‘fast food.’

My advice is that they need to re-invest the takings for the gas, electricity, cleaning materials and rent. The meals are very reasonably priced 6 TL. Bread is extra.

Hair & Beauty Salon

Kifa Ahmed, newly arrived from Syria, will be training 2 Syrian refugees. The programme will start soon with enough funds.

Thank you to our donors!

Who are we?

We are a registered charity concerned with the welfare of people living under severe conditions in areas of international humanitarian concern. We believe that while the provision of goods and services to people living in such circumstances is not always possible, showing compassion, providing emotional and moral support, and raising awareness about their situation is crucial. Our remit is very broad ‘to alleviate poverty’ within the Syrian community (in Syria and Turkey).

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