Community Project

Our remit is very broad ‘to alleviate poverty’ within the Syrian community (in Syria and Turkey). With this in mind, we are planning a new Community Project for Syrians and Turks in a very deprived area, with pockets of extreme poverty. We are working with local volunteers in Turkey and a Syrian NGO to design the project.

The Needs Assessment in Antakya, Turkey, suggests these priorities:

One Turkish mother, one Syrian mother
Both families helped and given bread baskets (Jan 2019)

Food Baskets

Renovating Houses

Helping the Elderly & Disabled

Providing Turkish classes for Syrian Refugees

Providing translation for hospital appointments

Who are we?

We are a registered charity concerned with the welfare of people living under severe conditions in areas of international humanitarian concern. We believe that while the provision of goods and services to people living in such circumstances is not always possible, showing compassion, providing emotional and moral support, and raising awareness about their situation is crucial.

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